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Martin May

Since 1995, I work in the field of Telecommunication and Media Technologies. I did a PhD in computer science at INRIA in France, did post-docs in the US, co-founded a Start-up in France, became a lecturer in ETH Zurich in Switzerland, and ended up at Technicolor as a Distinguished Scientist and then as a Director of Technology Strategy and Director of the Technicolor Paris Research Lab. As we moved the Paris Lab to Rennes, I’m now running the Data Processing Lab in Rennes with a strong focus on data management and analytics.

In my role as Technology Strategist, I coordinate the research within the 4 research centers and plan and organize the technology transfers between Research and Innovation and the Business Units. Further, I run the worldwide patent committee in the field of networking and push for new research ideas for Technicolor in the field of Data Mining and User Profiling.

You’ll find more information about some of the research projects I have been working on as well as the list of publications on this site.

Contact information:
Technicolor Paris Research Lab
1 Rue Jeanne d’Arc
92443 Issy-les-Moulineaux