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Still the Old Fashioned Way

Skimmers are back in Paris. So this is what I found a couple of weeks ago on the cashing machine of my home bank…

Looks quite normal, but…

But, this is how it should look like…

I removed it and brought it to the police. Next morning, when I go to the bank I already found the newly installed skimmer. Interestingly enough, only on one of the two cashing machines had the skimmer installed.

New Paris Lab

Since July 2013, I’m heading the Technicolor Paris Lab. While the lab was created in 2005 working on Networking issues, we are now focusing on technologies centred around user data.

The mission of the lab is to come up with new algorithms and technologies that extract valuable information for the end user. The goal is not to just collect as much data about the users. Indeed, we work on systems that puts the end user back in the driving seat when it comes to its data. Instead of giving the data to the service companies for free (or in exchange for free email/video hosting services), the user should be able to decide which information he is willing to give away and what he is getting for it. In the long term, the end user should see the money that today is made by ad exchange platforms where user profiles are sold.

The research group is still growing, so for anybody interested in joining the group and our efforts, don’t hesitate to send your resume to me. Information about the open positions can be found here ThLab Web page

First Test Post

First test posting. Just setup the page and playing with the parameters and settings. But seems to work just fine.